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Naturopathic medicine within Verve Wellness Center offers a unique approach and a highly effective combination of primary care and natural options for treatment and medication. If you are looking to try naturopathic medicine in Mesa AZ or Gilbert AZ contact us today!

A Natural Approach to Healing

This division is unique from all others as our provider specializes in functional medicine, gut health and wellness, hormone therapy, and primary care options. A supplement consultation, Vitamin Injections, Myer's cocktails/IV treatments, Medical Marijuana certification, and eVisits are a few of the unique services available with our Naturopathic medical doctor. Verve Wellness Center can accept a few insurance plans for Naturopathic service, depending upon the plan benefit, and the remaining services are all affordable and worth the established time of service rate and fees. From food allergy testing to cardiac workups and lab panels, a patient is sure to find and experience the highest level of medicine available today.


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