About Us

Verve Mission Statement

Verve Wellness Center is a dichotomy. A beautiful, modern facility that manages to stay friendly and warm; practitioners encouraged to explore the outer universe of medicine, dentistry, health, wellness; learning the newest techniques and using the most cutting edge technology yet be kind, gentle, and compassionate. The human body is an amazingly complex network, each cell and organ communicating with each other and supporting the whole. At Verve we are committed to building partnerships in achieving total body wellness that our patients desire and deserve.

A new tradition of acceptance and care coordination at the highest level!

By initiating a form of cooperative healthcare among several different types of doctors, to include: Traditional Western Medicine (Allopathic), Chiropractic Medicine, Dental Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Mental Health, working in unison to better serve the needs and outcome of patients. We hope to surpass the old misconceptions and narrowed views held in areas of the medical community by directly sharing experience, training and care coordination. A strong core mission statement for all professional and support staff alike – to treat the cause and not simply the symptom. Set aside your ‘belief or non-belief’ and come experience diagnosis, treatment and results at Verve Wellness Center!

Gracie Mae

Gracie Mae is Verve Wellness Center's very own therapy dog! Verve's highlight and the BIG boss, Gracie works with patients young and old, sick and well. She is eleven years old and has been to work faithfully every day since she was eight weeks old. On any given day, patients will find Gracie working with patients, resting with those patients with pain or high anxiety, or sometimes she’s know to steal a chair or two from the staff at the front desk. Know for her flashy pearl or diamond collars, she is a friend to all and seems to make every person smile whenever she is around.

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